Welcome to Crispy UK Ltd.
Crispy U.K LTD T/A (M.H.SIDDIQY & Sons)

Crispy U.K LTD was established 2005 as a speciality food company, Its initial market offering was a range of high-quality cake, rusks, cookies, naans and frozen food items aimed at the South-Asia ethnic segments in the U.K.

Like most operations, this was a small venture.It differed from most other start-up outfits was its focus.In a market discounted pricing was considered the shortest route to overnight success,Crispy U.K LTD chose to build its foundation based on 'Quality is the only product value that lasts!'

The results were not long coming. Fairly soon after its entry into the London market, a young Crispy U.K LTD smashed through local distribution frontiers and sailed through out the UK into Europe.

The welcome here has been loud and lasting. Not long thereafter the company was required to grow its range of cookies and cakes.

We have over 100 different lines and always looking to bring new cookies, cakes and biscuits to our range

Operating from our warehouse based in Luton, we have great customer service team offering Crispy U.K LTD customers first class service